Costa  Caravan
Awnings, refurbishments, kitchens, windbreakers, toldos, bathrooms and much more.....


All the servicies you need 

in one business 



We can convert any caravan in to a palace, we customer each caravan to make your caravan unic.

You have at your disposal different floor styles, different cladding colours and cladding ceilings.

Your refurbishment will be totally personalized for you, rooms, kitchens, bathrooms ... everything you can need we can do!

This customer choosed   two single beds + double bed, two sliding wardrobes and a  lovely white gloss desk,  bathroom and aircon all the bedding in a grey and mustard.

Double bed lovely neutral bedding
Large sliding wadroves
Two single beds neutral bedding
Full view from the inside
Large sliding wadroves
Lovely desk in white gloss
Flush toilet in fitted bathroom
Sink with bathroom cabin

Full refurbishment in caravan and awning, with thee kitchen in a outside shed, double bed in caravan with big sliding wardrobes,  fancy grey cladding on the caravan wall with some beautiful tiles to mach, rest on the cladding in white including the roof. Kitchen with glass grey door and black work tops with some nice grey tiles so it all tones in!!

Full wiew insde the caravan
Table and Chairs in awning
Kitchen in outside shed
Full wiew from the awning
Lovely and different cladding

Caravan, awnings, patio, windbreaker, toldo… inside the caravan neutral colours with a large bathroom, in the awning large kitchen with breakfast bar, all in white and black and lime green to brighten the place up!

Island bed in the middle
Kitchen with breakfast bar
Full wiew from insede caravan
lovely dressing table with mirror
Flush toilet in large bathroom
Big bathroom cabinet
Fantastic modern mirrror
patio with garden furniture
Beutifull black and lime green

This caravan and awning as being converted in to a double bedroom with separated spaces, big wardrove, canopy beds with storage underneath, funcional bathroom with flush toilet and cabinet with sink. In the awnings all in white and grey with some black furniture marching the work tops and the fancy tiles in the kitchen.

Cladding Ceiling with ligths
Solid ssecurity door
Great ligth in the kitchen
Fitted kitchen in black and white
Large bedroom with double bed
Bedroom with two single beds
Fitted bathroom in caravan
White wadrove with sliding doors
Firtted batrhoom in caravan
Small wadrove for extra things

Lovely change in this case, out of a old caravan we have built a little palace, all neutral colours with some bright bedding that make the caravan look bigger, in the awning all white and black this tones make the place look much bigger.

Lovely bedding set to brigthen up the caravan
tv on caravan wall + aircon
Tv on caravan wall
Lovely large bedroom
new fitted kitchen with oven
glass gas hob with oven
Solid door on caravan
small bathroom cabin